At Ada by Mehar, we highly value and embrace individuality and aspire to accommodate for the same. Hence, we take pride in offering customisable pieces that cater to your specific needs. Our commitment to creating bespoke garments means that all our pieces can be tailored to your preferences in terms of size, design, and colour.

When it comes to colour, most of our pieces can be customised to your liking, allowing you to select a hue that truly reflects your personal style.

Further, our design customisations cover various aspects such as neck depth, sleeve styles, and cuts. This enables you to create a truly personalised garment that reflects your unique taste and preferences. For example, if you adore a saree but would prefer the blouse to have sleeves instead of being sleeveless, we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

Our customisation services extend to sizing as well, where we can create garments according to your exact measurements for a perfect fit.

To ensure a seamless and convenient experience, we have established a simple process for custom sizing wherein all you’ll need is a measuring tape in hand! We then offer to set up a simple phone call, wherein we will guide you step-by-step thus ensuring a simple and seamless process, all from the comfort of your own home!

To explore our customisation services further, please feel free to contact us at +91 8800145274. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in bringing your vision to life.

At Ada by Mehar, we understand the importance of individuality. Let us help you create a garment that is tailored specifically for you, ensuring a remarkable and distinctive experience.